Meet your host, Alan, his story and inspired advice to enjoy a holiday at Samudra

Alan is originally from California and made his name and professional career as a photographer, cinematographer and an accomplished musician in the entertainment industry.

Travel has taken Alan around the globe but his discovery of an affinity with Buddhism increased a passion for travel in the far-east, India, Tibet, Bhutan and Thailand. A multi-talented, creative, life-long seeker of knowledge and diverse artistry, Alan’s adventures are still unfolding.

What’s the Story?

An interview with Alan Kozlowski …

What makes Samudra magical?

There is something special about spending time at Samudra, whether it’s happy socializing or just grabbing moments of solitude. Enjoying an evening in the Bali temple with drinks watching the hypnotizing sunset colours flowing across the lagoon and over the infinity pool is truly special. This location brings a wonderful sense of openness and calmness. I like to think that Samudra’s spirit enhances everyone’s thoughts, and their inner desire to communicate. Who wouldn’t opt for an inspirational life changing experience in this beautiful place?

What’s the inspiration behind the design?

It was a real labour of love! I spent several months camping out on the land. I wanted to get a real sense and feel for the elements at different times of the day; the interaction of the light, the wind, the earth itself. Samudra is my architectural attempt to capture the essence of this natural blend. The build project used recycled materials from across Asia, and carefully chosen antiques add a harmonious old charm to Samudra. Most delightfully, artisans from northern Thailand came to live on the site while they worked their magic on the indigenous products of stone and wood.

What piece of music reflects the feel of Samudra?

Aerial Boundaries by Michael Hedges. It has such natural power and a bewitching pace and feeling – a real tapestry of music.

What drew you to Koh Samui?

I was on my way to Tibet to film a documentary and met a friend in Bangkok who mentioned a wellness centre named Kamalaya that was being built in Koh Samui.  It also had the added lure of land for sale nearby. The next day my curiosity took me on a visit to Koh Samui to meet with the creators of Kamalaya where I was so wonderfully inspired by their vision. I took an enchanted and emotional walk through virgin rainforest and felt the power of the land in this magical place. For me it sparked my own creative vision of crafting a personal retreat space, so I bought the adjoining land!

What do you recommend guests do while staying at Samudra?

It’s worth a hike to the two Nam Muang waterfalls. Nam Muang 2 is the larger and most spectacular. For a more leisurely walk, stroll down the beach in the late afternoon from Samudra to Laem Sor Temple. Do visit the Kamalaya Wellness centre for an extensive range of treatments and a first-class restaurant. After a massage at the Yoga Sala take a paddle board out over the reef. You’ll find schools of fish jumping over the tip of the board as the sun dips! Highly recommend exploring the full range of Chef Dolly’s amazing cooking abilities. All the food is simply mouth-watering, and the fish curry is just unbelievable!